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Jared Jones

Frankie Edgar is a baaaaaad man.

Paired up against rising prospect Yair Rodriguez, the former lightweight champion put on one of the most dominant performances of his career, completely stifling the flashy kicks of the Mexican star with beautifully-timed takedowns and some unbelievably brutal ground-and-pound.

By the end of the first round, the left side of Rodriguez's face was a mess.

To his credit, Rodriguez had no quit in him, coming out firing in the second round with the kind of offense he used to absolutely embarrass BJ Penn back in February. But as Edgar's three wins over BJ Penn might have shown us...Frankie Edgar is not BJ Penn.

Edgar was eventually able to get things to the mat, and the second round was more of the same. With his eye sealing shut and no hope in sight (pardon the pun), the ringside doctor's were forced to call the fight between the second and third round.

Franke Edgar, ladies and gentleman.


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