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Today has already been crazy with the UFC's summer kick off presser, but luckily Joanna Jedrzejczyk didn't decide to add to the chaos with prematurely fighting Jessica Andrade. Instead, Jedrzejczyk decided to shuffle around in her gift bag and pull out a present for her new opponent. Nate Diaz famously talked about how titles are a fantasy in a metaphorical sense, but Joanna decided to actually make one and present it to Andrade.

"She already gave me several gifts. She gave me a glove that I use it to train thinking that I’ll punch her. When it's time to fight, we’re professionals. It’s our jobs and careers. Respect must always exist. It’s not because I’m fighting her that she's my enemy, that I want to kill her. She’s my opponent and I’ll do my best. I want to win, but there’s respect and friendship.” - Jessica Andrade told MMA Fighting back in May.

This is next level trolling right here. Sure, you can talk about someone's mom, or you can buy some cloth, sit down before a weigh-in with some scissors and a sharpie creating a fake title for them. Let's just hope footage of this mixed martial arts and crafts session ends up in one of the Embedded episodes. We'll just go head and add 's gift with the rest of them.

Joanna's Pre-Fight Troll Gifts

  • A fantasy title for Jessica Andrade.
  • An expired cookie for Carla Esparza.
  • Two macaroni necklaces for Jessice Penne.


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