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Jason Nawara

It's been just over two years since former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos narrowly edged out Stipe Miocic in a five-round war. Now, the rematch is on for UFC 211 May 13th in Dallas, according to Globo.

From a headlining fight against Stefan Struve, to a title shot. not bad, JDS.

Some may look at JDS' 1-1 record since beating Stipe and wonder if he's worthy of a title shot, but the heavyweight division is shallow, and there's no doubt the current heavyweight champ wants his revenge. Miocic did, after all, knock out Alistair Overeem, while Overeem finished JDS. So the MMA Math works out. This fight is legit.

Let's check out some highlights from their last fight (that was a banger).

Stipe looks like he's improved exponentially with each fight, and he has a huge amount of confidence, riding high with four finishes in a row over Mark Hunt, Andrei Arvloski, Werdum (to win the belt) and as we mentioned, Overeem. Their first fight was a unanimous decision win for Junior, but anyone who watched it knew it was close.

Hopefully, we get another classic this May.


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