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Once again, a fight has ended in controversy due to an illegal knee. After dealing with weeks of debate on Gegard Mousasi's victory against Chris Weidman, now we get Schrödinger knee deja vu with Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier. With rules changing for every zip code, it's no surprise everyone is confused. To (try and) clear things up, referee Herb Dean appeared on The MMA Hour to speak up on his decision to make it a no contest and the process he goes through.

Something that Herb Dean said — that seems like all fighters know about — may have slipped by fans, or could be something they are ignorant of completely. Fingertips do not make you a downed opponent. This is one of the reasons why Mousasi's knee to Weidman were indeed legal. This makes the first knee landed on fair play, but his second strike was definitely illegal since Poirier had his knee down.

Unfortunately, even with this information, the community is still divided on the decision to make the fight a no contest. Regardless of whether Alvarez intentionally decided to break the rules, or if he was ignorant of his actions, the knee was still illegal and some people believe that constitutes a disqualification. Regardless of your opinion on the knees, you have to applaud Dean's transparency and dedication.

The Debate Still Continues


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