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Design wizard. MMA mathematician. Formerly of Middle Easy, Justin Golightly has been featured on Bleacher Report, Uproxx and TMZ.
Justin Golightly

Before Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade even entered the arena, two ladies already stole the show. Cortney Casey and Jessica Aguilar put on a wild war to break right out of the Fight Pass prelims. No one got knocked out or finished, but so much crazy stuff happened that it didn't matter.

From the opening bell, both fighters stormed at each other like some sort of epic battle between a super hero and a villain. Contacts got knocked out, Aguilar was literally dragging Casey around the Octagon at one point, and Casey countered that with black belt-level up-kicking — if that is even a real thing. It's not actually, but it is now. She was able to edge out Aguilar on significant strikes, most of which were the hundreds of different kick variations from her damn back.


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