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Justin Golightly

After a slight lull from the card's opening banger, we get some violence to send us into the main card. The last time we saw Myles Jury he was choked by Charles Oliveira, before that, he was getting "F-ck You" leg kicks by Donald Cerrone. It seems like those two losses put a fire under the man, because he came out like a dude possessed and left De La Torre's face looking like a horror movie.

We hope that his team just showed Jury that video of Cerrone kicking him over and over again to hype him up. It wouldn't be surprising if they did. It'd sure help explain how Jury came out of nowhere used his elbows like hacksaws on De La Torre. Blood spewed from his face and the ref had to step in. It may be way too soon to say Jury is back to his old self, but getting back into the win column like this is a great step.

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