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When heading into his rematch with Anthony Johnson at , light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier promised that "nothing would be different" from their first fight. As it turns out, he was more right than even he probably imagined.

After struggling to make weight for the event (and only doing so thanks to a little last-minute magic on the scale), Cormier overwhelmed Johnson to tap him out one round earlier than in their previous encounter.

But not before "Rumble" lived up to his nickname by breaking Cormier's nose with a head kick.

For whatever insane reason, however, Johnson consistently tried to turn the fight into a grappling battle against an Olympic wrestler from that point forward. Though he was able to secure a couple brief takedowns on "DC", Cormier soon turned the tide on Rumble, muscling him to the mat before sinking in the same submission he used to defeat him in their first meeting at UFC 187.

Jon Jones, however, was not impressed.

Even better than the fight itself was Cormier's heel turn in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, where he trashed both Jones and contender Jimi Manuwa in an epic promo.

Boo him all you want. Daniel Cormier is here to stay.


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