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Their rematch was supposed to happen back at UFC 206, but an injury put the fight on ice. Now, Daniel Cormier and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson are set to run it back at UFC 210. After an absolutely frightening haymaker that sent Cormier flying across the octagon at UFC 187, DC recovered and dominated the fight from there. That punch was the only question in the fight, something Cormier vows to rectify by making it a point to stand and trade with Rumble.

"I've got a bit of news, I will be defending my light heavyweight championship April 8th, UFC 210. I get to go in there and fold up Rumble Johnson like a nice load of laundry. No wrestling. I'm standing up with Rumble," Cormier said on the latest episode of UFC Tonight. You say you're going to knock me out, Anthony? Prove it to me on April 8th. I'll be right there waiting for you."

There you have it. At on April 8th, and will rematch for the UFC light heavyweight strap. The key in all of this though, is that is set to return a short three months later. You don't have to be an MMA Sherlock Holmes to see what they're setting up with the timing on this one. Whoever wins, expect Jones to be matched up with upon his UFC return.

Watch their whole first fight below and get hyped!


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