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Jason Nawara

It took six months for the heavy-handed Anthony Johnson to watch his UFC 187 loss to Daniel Cormier, and now he realizes what must be done. He hasn't overtly said it, but Johnson was ground into a pulp after landing one good punch on DC (that sent the eventual champ flying). If Johnson can stay on his feet, the UFC light heavyweight belt could be his.

He told MMA Fighting that he was "disgusted" and recognizes his mistakes.

“One day I was just laying in bed. I didn’t perform to the best of my ability, and I think it was probably six months after that I finally watched the fight. I just woke up at like two in the morning and decided to watch the fight. I woke up and it was on my mind and I just watched it to see what my mistakes were, and I was like okay, they were bad mistakes but they weren’t mistakes that were so bad they couldn’t be fixed.

“Nobody wants to watch themselves lose. It was a weird feeling in my stomach, because like I said, I didn’t perform at the best of my abilities. I think that’s what disgusted me the most. It made me disgusted. So the next time, it’ll be a different story on my end.”

Perhaps his being "disgusted" has to do with him fading down the stretch and letting Cormier dictate the fight through grappling. Will Johnson not be worn down this time? Will he focus on keeping the fight standing? Will Johnson stop slipping after throwing his bombs?

Will Cormier actually keep the fight standing like he said he would?


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