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Daniel Cormier and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson have done battle before but with no challengers left in the UFC light heavyweight division for either fighter, they've found themselves in a rematch of their first title fight.

Cormier got the upper hand on Johnson in their initial matchup. Rumble is looking to prove that his knockout power is greater than Cormier's championship spirit. The winner likely faces Jon Jones, who's returning from suspension in July, so the title fight is for a chance at a huge payday and the opportunity to be declared MMA's best light heavyweight fighter.

Not hype yet? Take a look at our UFC 210 playlist to set the mood for Cormier-Johnson II.


Daniel Cormier

Troy Taormina / USA TODAY Sports
Troy Taormina / USA TODAY Sports

1. Rise Against - Survive

Daniel Cormier survived the first round against Rumble in their first fight and left the Octagon with the light heavyweight title. He will have to do it again at UFC 210.

2. Onyx - Slam

D.C.'s advantage over Johnson is on the mat. Cormier used his wrestling skills to overcome Johnson before and his slams are as strong as any Rumble right hand.

3. The Killers - Bones

A win at UFC 210 puts Cormier in line for a much-awaited rematch with Jon "Bones" Jones. It's a fight Cormier wants for his legacy, but all roads to that fight go through UFC 210.

4. Fleetwood Mac - Family Man

Cormier gets his strength and will power from his family. He's said that his children are his fuel to succeed and his championship will power is what sets him apart from other elite fighters.

5. Reba McEntire - And Still

Cormier hopes to hear "and still" shouted by Bruce Biffer as he has his arm held high in the octagon. The champion has only lost to Jon Jones and he plans to keep it that way.


Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

Joshua Dahl / USA TODAY Sports
Joshua Dahl / USA TODAY Sports

6. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson is known for one thing and one thing only... His knockout power. Cormier was almost a victim of that power in their first fight but was able to weather the storm.

7. U-God - Rumble

Johnson's nickname is fitting and the hard-hitting lyrics from U-God fits his Octagon style perfectly.

8. Shinedown - Second Chance

Johnson is hoping to make the most of his second chance at UFC gold. He's run through everyone in the light heavyweight division except Cormier and a victory would complete his redemption story.

9. Drake - Right Hand

Rumble's most devasting tool? His right hand. Some of the best fighters the UFC has to offer have felt it's power and ended up flat on their backs.

10. The New - J Dilla

Just as Cormier is hoping to hear "and still" after his performance, Rumble is planning on hearing "and the new" when the final bell rings at UFC 210.


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