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There weren't many of us who could have predicted that would end in not one, but two retirements last Saturday night. Easily more surprising of the two was that of headliner Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, who bid an emotional farewell to the sport following his second round submission loss to Daniel Cormier.

"This was my last fight, I didn't even tell Dana White," said Johnson. "I didn't tell anybody. My coaches knew, my friends knew, my family knew. I didn't want any distraction."

While the evidence seems to indicate that the job Johnson cited as his reason for leaving has something to do with the NFL, his sudden retirement still came as a shock to many considering just how strong Johnson had looked in his recent outings (his performance that night aside).

Regardless, the Rumble Era is now over.

The members of the UFC's light heavyweight division can now sleep a little easier at night. Taking to Instagram this morning, Johnson made sure to thank everyone behind his success in a post entitled "The End of Rumble."

Hello Monday!

A new beginning starts today and I am so happy about that...My body can recover and I can focus on something different other than mma.

MY life has been amazing and I haven't come close to scratching the surface. I'll miss mma and every aspect of the game, but my time is over and I'm ready to watch tbd new generation take over.

Now I can be Anthony Johnson/AJ and not Anthony Rumble Johnson! Thank you all for the love and support throughout the yrs...

Rumble Squad forever! The End of Rumble

"Rumble" now joins such elite company as Mirko Cro Cop, Tito Ortiz, Brock Lesnar in announcing his retirement this year.


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