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Jason Nawara

Tyron Woodley is the UFC welterweight champ, but it still seems like he has a lot to prove. Some of the weight hanging on his shoulders is of his own doing. After knocking out Robbie Lawler, T-Wood fought to a draw against Stephen Thompson at UFC 205 and has dubbed himself "the worst treated champion in UFC history." He can make that all go away with a big win Saturday at UFC 209.

He's also doubling down on his feelings. Woodley says says he, and non-English speaking UFC champs like Amanda Nunes, don't get a fair shake. That's confusing considering Tyron Woodley speaks English, but I digress.

However, Woodley does have a point when it comes to racism. We don't see his Twitter feed (which is full of racist trolls). He's trying to get to the root cause, trying to get to the point where we can solve the problem.

Woodley goes on to say that he feels like he possibly wasn't prepared for Wonderboy in the first fight, which is interesting considering the beating he put on him for two rounds.

Woodley also goes on to say he's putting the fact that he couldn't see his son wrestle all season on Wonderboy's tab and will make Wonderboy pay. This is also confusing because Woodley was angling for other fights beyond Wonderboy. It's kinda odd that he's putting this on "Wonderboy's tab" considering defending the belt is his job and all. Weird!

That said, Woodley goes on to explain Demian Maia's current languishing in limbo. Woodley says fans don't respect his art. Much like Jake Shields, or himself even. He says the fans have a lot of power. Maybe too much?


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