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Justin Golightly

We are all still in mourning today, after finding out that the best lightweight fight probably ever would not be happening. Khabib Nurmagomedov had to go to the hospital, they took off his fluffy hat, and doctors broke the news. It is no longer Khabib time, fight fans. It's not even Ferguson time, which really sucks, but was it a total surprise for him? He seemed to take the news really well. Actually, looking back at the last Embedded video, Ferguson seemed downright prophetic.

The plot thickens. That confidence, those shades, the — metallic weighted hand ball thingy? It was clear he was onto something now, instead of just staredown trash talk. straight up sniffed out like Wolverine. He found a weakness he was going to exploit, now there is no fight for him to execute it within.


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