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Justin Golightly

Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov is a fight that was supposed to happen way back in 2015. Like a snowball tumbling down a huge mountain, the fight just grew in hype as more time passed until it was a monstrous thing. The world wept and their hopes melted at the news Nurmagomedov was in the hospital. Ferguson stayed excited and classy through the fallout, but has now reached the 'anger' level of his grieving process.

“My next fight needs to be a title fight. I’ve earned every single right of the way. Somebody that’s guaranteed to show up. I’ve done all my homework, I’ve done, made my ends me for this fight. But if we’re talking Khabib, there’s got to be some sort of guarantee or insurance for this, man. It’s a crazy bug that I can’t squash and its a tough pill to swallow right now.” - Tony Ferguson on The MMA Hour.

Tony Ferguson has now reached the side of things: he feels he simply can't trust to show up. It surely doesn't help his frustrations that the man hasn't even been paid show money yet. According to him and Nurmagomedov's manager, the rematch could be booked again in May before Ramadan, but Ferguson isn't confident Dana White will even book it again.


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