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Justin Golightly

You could easily replace Rashad Evans' name with Lemony Snicket's in the new A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix series, because that's just has prevented him from fighting since April of last year. He wasn't cleared for , and then was denied for , leaving Evans depressed and an angry Tim Kennedy out to dry. According to ESPN, it looks like everything is all good for UFC 209. All of our fingers are crossed.

If the planets stay aligned, we'll finally get to see the middleweight debut of against Daniel Kelly on March 4th. If that doesn't make you excited, maybe you need a reminder of what a 195lb Evans looked like. ...And he still had 10lbs to be on weight!

Look at Evans looking all Enter the Dragon! Ok, just because he looked like Bruce Lee, doesn't mean he'll fight like him come showtime. However, Evans at a brand new weight looking 10 years younger is intriguing, and may be what he needs to get out of a two-fight losing streak.


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