ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

All of the trash talk, disrespect, and questions about scorecards behind us — Tyron Woodley is still the UFC welterweight champion. Too bad the UFC 209 main event was an incredibly boring fight in the minds of many fans.

Yes, it was a chess match, but nearly nothing happened for the majority of the fight and it was once again an incomprehensibly close fight. (I was hoping for another draw.)

Round 1 was Wonderboy, stalking Woodley much like their first fight. Wonderboy would follow Woodley, and Woodley would have his back to the cage for the most of the five minutes. At the end of the first, only six total strikes landed. The crowd booed.

And booed through much of round 2...

Round 3 was punctuated by a fantastic Woodley takedown, which was followed up by strong control by the champion who was beating up Wonderboy on the ground.

But the challenger made it back to his feet, and we went back to rounds 2 and 1, with more Thompson activity.

Round 4 was more feeling out. It seems like Woodley was gassing, and we got more boos, and just a few flurries here and there.

But then, finally, finally, finally with only a few seconds left in the fifth round, Woodley went into berserker mode and nearly finished the fight.

It seems like that final flurry gave Woodley the nod, as he won with a close as hell majority decision.


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