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Jason Nawara

After schooling Jake Ellenberger and former champ Johny Hendricks in under a round, many people (including me) thought Wonderboy Thompson was going to light up Tyron Woodley at UFC 205. It seemed like Woodley was falling in love with his hands, and the wrestler's gas tank was never that deep. Wonderboy had just chipped away at Rory MacDonald for 25 minutes, while Woodley got his leg punched by Jake Shields for ten minutes and was totally gassed. Wonderboy had this, right? Nope.

showed us the most complete Tyron Woodley. He was a fully-fleshed out fighter who timed his takedowns perfectly, and kept Thompson's karate at bay with insanely fast counterpunches. Say what you will about the draw, but Tyron Woodley kept his belt, had his hand raised (along with Wonderboy's) and outperformed every expectation. Still, it seems like Wonderboy feels like his relatively poor performance was on his shoulders, not so much due to Woodley's perfect game plan and execution.

In an interview with FloCombat, Wonderboy explains that he just didn't let loose like we've seen before. Maybe it was Madison Square Garden Jitters?

"I'm basically just going to go out there and do something I didn't do the last time, and that's just let my hands go and fight the way I want to fight."

Wonderboy continued:

"I was very hesitant in my last fight. I'm not really certain why, if it was just the big hype up because it was my first title fight or because it was in Madison Square Garden--I don't know.

I just didn't let my hands go and my feet go. I didn't switch sides and didn't work the angles that I normally do. You'll be seeing a whole lot [more of that] in this next fight."

Obviously, this is easier said than done. If we can all agree that Wonderboy didn't look good, and Woodley looked incredible, what's next? Can Woodley beat a surging Wonderboy who knows what he's in for? Will the new MMA scoring have a possible affect on the contests's outcome?

All of the above definitely makes this the most interesting fight in the next few months.


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