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Jason Nawara

MMA fans and fans of the Diaz brothers saw UFC 209 coming for years. They knew the show should've been in Stockton, and it should've revolved around the Diaz brothers, anti-heroes that move the needle far better than any clean cut "yes sir, no sir" stars the UFC paraded up last Saturday. This should've been a massive PPV. Imagine both Nick and Nate with a raucous crowd, beating their opponents. It would've been a great success.

Instead, Nate and Nick hung out at a medical marijuana facility in town.

And the UFC blew it. Or the Diaz bros did. Who really knows. The Diaz's are difficult to deal with at this point in their careers, and they know their worth, which makes things even more difficult. Still, they saw the obvious connections. And Nate, for one, would've enjoyed being on the card. Looking back, Nate has a healthy amount of schadenfreude directed at his employers.

“It (would have made) so much sense,” he said to USA Today. “But I wasn’t sad. I feel like the (UFC) were put off by it, like they were saying, ‘We don’t need you.’ Well, that’s a big ball drop for you guys. Look at your card.

UFC 209's main event in particular was an extremely boring affair, but we don't need to go into that. The fact is, the Diaz's don't have boring fights, but they need to feel the love if they're going to get up and get punched in the head:

“They try to shut us down. With Conor, they made a star out of him. They have never done that for me. I’m still here after all the holding back I’ve been through. They’ve never put my name on a pedestal. If they had my back the whole way, I’d be like, ‘UFC, all day, don’t be dissing my company like that,’ but why would I do that for a company that does this?”

Nate has been butting heads with Dana White for years now, and perhaps the new owners don't like the cut of his jib. It's odd, considering they want to make the biggest fights, always. Why not get Nick and Nate in the Octagon?


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