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Jason Nawara

The rematch between Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem is a fun one, and it kinda makes sense. At this point, just about everyone in the top ten (or fifteen) of the UFC heavyweight division has fought each other at some point or another. So why not have Hunt try to avoid his submission loss to Overeem from 2008. If you're an MMA fan, you're into it.

Unfortunately, it's not a done deal yet. Mark Hunt is ready to fight, but not without a clause in his contract that will protect him from a potential doping violation from his dancing partner. He explained on his site,

“My clause will protect me in this instance and take the financial gain of the opponent of caught cheating. That deterrent will protect me and other fighters. I’m pushing for this clause, I want to fight and I am ready. If the fight doesn’t go ahead it’s not my doing.”

Mark Hunt's last three fights have been against Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir and Bigfoot Silva — all of which have failed drug tests. Now, Mark Hunt has lawyered up and is doing whatever it takes to make sure he isn't fighting someone with an advantage.

We know Alistair Overeem has failed a drug test before, and not just for horse meat, so Hunt is probably Here's that first fight, by the way. Ah, we were so much younger then.


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