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This weekend's co-main event pitting Khabib Nurmagomedov against Tony Ferguson has been a long time coming for both men. Following a seemingly endless series of back and forths in the news and on social media culminating in a $200,000 bribe, the duo will finally lock horns to determine the next challenger to Conor McGregor's title on Saturday night.

In fact, "The Eagle" isn't even sure what this whole "interim title" nonsense even means.

When asked his opinion on what fighting for the interim title meant, Nurmagomedov stated his opinion that the fight might as well be for the outright championship, as the belt McGregor won at UFC 205 wasn't even legitimate.

Not content to merely call McGregor's win into question, Khabib then doubled down by saying that he feels Ferguson is "a much better fighter" than McGregor.

"Conor has very good boxing skills, but Tony has elbows, knees, unpredictability. His ground game's good, his conditioning is good. Maybe his boxing isn't as good as Conor's boxing, but MMA fighting? I think Tony's better."

That sound you just heard, Mr. McGregor, was that of gauntlet being thrown.


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