ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

The storyline surrounding Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem was definitely underrated as we came into . Hunt would look to avenge his 2008 loss to The Reem, with a strong anti-doping subtext. Overeem has violated the UFC anti-doping policy, Hunt is suing the UFC for fighting four men in a row that have popped.

Meanwhile, Overeem is trying to get back into title contention.

Oh, and both of these dudes punch harder than 98% of any fighter who has ever put on the small gloves. This fight was going to deliver, and deliver it did.

Both Reem and Hunt were landing hard and early. Overeem tried to keep his distance, but Hunt would land some vicious shots that would cut open his own leg.

Still, even with Hunt stalking him, Reem was able to crush the Super Samoan against the cage and sap his energy with non-stop knees to Hunt's gut.

Of course, Hunt would rally back like he often does.

But finally, in the third round, Reem put Hunt's back against the cage for a final time, delivering a perfect elbow and two knees that would send Hunt flopping to the mat.


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