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headliner Stephen Thompson's status as one the most elite strikers in all of MMA is pretty much without question at this point. Over the course of 72 fights (57 kickboxing, 15 MMA), the man known as "Wonderboy" has scored some of the most gorgeous and technical knockouts in the sport's history, and he's been doing it since day one.

But according to former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Thompson's prowess goes beyond that. He's not only the best striker in the UFC, he's the best St-Pierre has ever seen.

"I called him before a 'secret weapon' but now he's not a secret weapon anymore" said St-Pierre in the latest promo for this weekend's massive pay-per-view event.

It's a hell of an endorsement from "Rush", and one that makes the multitude of knockdowns Woodley was able to score against Thompson in their original battle at UFC 205 all the more impressive in retrospect. Of course, should "Wonderboy" emerge victorious this weekend, he may very well find himself staring down his longtime training partner in the Octagon before too long.


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