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Welp, this wasn't a great fight. In fact, considering the boos from the gathered Brooklynites, they didn't like the fight or the fight result, which crowned Germaine de Randamie as the first women's UFC featherweight champion. So, how did it go down? Let's dive in.

Holm was very active to start, but de Randamie was hitting harder with her counter shots. That didn't deter Holm from constantly moving forward towards de Randamie's power right hand, which was swelling Holm's face.

The second round is Holly pushing de Randamie against the fence almost the entire time. It's relatively effective, as de Randamie can't attack Holly, but Holly can't take down de Randamie, so the boos begin.

But the BIG CONTROVERSY™ is de Randamie landing a punch that wobbles Holly AFTER the bell.

Check that out here:

Round three is more of the same, with Holly Holm grinding de Randamie against the cage, de Randamie unable to do much except complain to the ref, and Holly dirty boxing. The end of the round is punctuated by Holly rocking de Randamie with a kick then eating another late punch after the bell from de Randamie. The referee warns her that if it happens again, she'll lose a point. Again? A third late punch should be a DQ, Mr. Referee.

The fourth round is more clinching against the cage, and the fifth round sees Holm rock de Randamie and cut her. Both ladies land hard shots, and Holly is in control as de Randamie struggles to get anything going.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The final bell rings, de Randamie doesn't land a late shot, and she gets her hand raised with 48-47 on all three scorecards. Holly is fuming, de Randamie says "clinching isn't her game." Hmmm.

I would say Holly won just out of sheer aggressiveness, and it seems like the crowd was behind Holly as well. Just imagine — if the ref would've taken a point, the fight would've been a draw.

Of course, when Cyborg comes up...


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