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Jason Nawara

No fighter is more fascinating, frustrating or thrilling than Anderson Silva. It genuinely seems like he's going out into the Octagon and simply competing for the fun of it and because he wants to. Not even necessarily trying to win, but simply going out and testing himself against elite fighters. That's what we saw today. And "The Spider" won.

Of course, like every Anderson Silva fight, it was weird.

After a few minutes of feeling each other out, Anderson would pull the trigger multiple times to no avail, but would also stuff every one of a very respectful Brunson's takedown attempts. That's damn impressive considering Brunson is one of the better wrestlers in the division and even out-wrestled Yoel Romero. Brunson would indeed land multiple good shots, but they did nothing. Ando was showing off his superlative chin and it seemed like it took the wind out of Brunson.

As the fight went on, we got more Anderson dancing, more stuffed Brunson takedowns, and Anderson just taking shots like he enjoys it. When they would enter the clinch, Anderson would welcome Brunson shots. It was like the Anderson of old, moving in slow motion and absorbing everything Brunson threw at him.

By the middle of the second round, Brunson seemed exhausted, and while Anderson continued to toy with him, the tough middleweight was still landing shots. Granted, those shots didn't have much behind them, but the landed.


And in the end, Silva got his armed raised 29-28. This was his first win since he beat Stephan Bonnar in 2012!

It feels good.


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