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Former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm is looking to be the first female UFC fighter to hold a belt in two weight classes, as she is set to compete in the inaugural women's featherweight championship bout at UFC 208. Although Holm is on a two-fight losing streak, she is no stranger to knockout wins. She's a world champion boxer, a dangerous kickboxer and one of the most well-known UFC fighters in WMMA history.

Here, I take a look at each of her KO (and TKO) wins in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.


Holm started her combat sports career in boxing and walked away with 33 wins (nine knockouts, 23 decisions) with just two losses and three draws.

December 2010 - TKO Ann Saccurato

Holm would record her last boxing TKO when she defeated Ann Saccurato to retain the IBA Female Light Welterweight title and win the WBAN Junior Welterweight title.

August 2010 - TKO Jaime Clampitt

Holm defeated Jaime Clampitt at 1:53 into round number one when she won the vacant IBA Female Light Welterweight title.

June 2009 - TKO Duda Yankovich

Holm retained the WIBA Welterweight title when she defeated Duda Yankovich in the fourth round.

January 2008 - TKO Miriam Brakache

Holm's WBC Female and IFBA Welterweight titles were on the line when she faced Miriam Brakache. She was able to retain both titles after defeating Brakache in round seven.

February 2006 - TKO Shadina Pennybaker

Holm retained her IBA Female Light Welterweight title when she defeated Shadina Pennybaker via a seventh round TKO.

June 2006 - TKO Lisa Lewis

It took Holm eight rounds before finishing Lisa Lewis to retain her IBA Female Light Welterweight title.

April 2004 - TKO Janae Archuleta

Holm defeated Janae Archuleta via a first round TKO.

June 2002 - TKO Terrie Carrillo

Holm defeated Terrie Carrillo via a first round TKO in what was just her second professional boxing appearance.

January 2002- TKO Martha Deitchman

Holm made her professional boxing debut by TKO in the third round.


Holm ventured briefly into the kickboxing scene and went 2-1 in her professional career. Both of her kickboxing wins were by way of TKO.

August 2003 - TKO Alisa Cantwell

Holm ended her kickboxing career in the win column when she defeated Alisa Cantwell at 1:30 into round number one.

June 2001 - TKO Valerie Anthonson

Holm made her kickboxing debut when she defeated Valerie Anthonson via a second round TKO.


Holm is best known for her stunning KO of then undefeated champion Ronda Rousey in what will likely go down as the greatest upset in UFC history, but before that moment Holly had another six KO's.

November 2015 - KO Ronda Rousey (UFC)

Holly defeated one of the greatest female fighters of all time when she knocked out Ronda Rousey at UFC 193. This knockout made her a household name.

April 2014 - KO Juliana Werner (Legacy FC)

Holm was named the inaugural Legacy FC women's bantamweight champion after she defeated Juliana Werner via fifth round KO.

October 2013 - TKO Nikki Knudsen (Legacy FC)

Holly defeated Nikki Knudsen via a second round TKO which put her on track for the featherweight title.

July 2013 - KO Allanna Jones (Legacy FC)

Holly's Legacy FC debut saw her KO Allana Jones via slick second round head kick.

February 2013 - TKO Katie Merrill (Bellator)

Holm made one appearance inside the Bellator cage where she finished her opponent inside of the second round.

September 2011 - TKO Jan Finney (Fresquez Productions)

Holm defeated Jan Finney via a third round TKO body kick in just her second ever MMA fight.

March 2001 - TKO Christina Domke (Fresquez Productions)

Holm made her MMA debut by defeating Christina Domke in New Mexico. She finished her opponent in the second round.

Perhaps there will be a new TKO to share come Monday morning!


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