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Even the most diehard of MMA fans would've had a hard time coming away from with much to write home about. The UFC's first ever event in Brooklyn, New York lost one of its fights at the last minute, saw 9 out of its 10 fights go to decision, and was capped off by a controversey and incompetence-filled main event that didn't exactly paint a bright future for the women's featherweight division.

And chief among the UFC 208 dissenters? Dana White.

When asked by Megan Olivi what the highlight of his night was, White could only jokingly respond, "The plane ride home." Which is understandable, if you ask me, when you consider just what kind of digs the UFC President gets to fly around in these days. Unless Iron Mike Tyson also happens to be on board, that is.

Not unlike Miesha Tate, White was also highly critical of the errant refereeing that further tarnished the already lackluster main event between Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie, singling out referee Todd Anderson for his lack of experience.

“Everybody was blowing me up on my phone,” said White. “What’s wrong with this ref is that he doesn’t have big-fight experience like that. None of these guys do from this state yet. He should’ve had one of the experienced MMA refs in there reffing the main event.”

Where's Big John McCarthy when you need him?


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