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Jason Nawara

UFC 101 was a relatively stacked card with BJ Penn taking on Kenny Florian for the lightweight title, but the most everlasting highlight to come out of that event, and possibly the entire year of 2009 (sorry, UFC 100) was Anderson Silva's domination of Forrest Griffin.

Silva vs. Griffin was unlike anything we've ever seen before. It was Anderson, finally completing his journey and fully embracing the Matrix, and while the fight/highlights/finish are impressive, in context it's even more incredible. Here was a middleweight champion (a great one), who used to fight damn near welterweight in Pride, taking on a beloved former light heavyweight champion. This was prime Forrest, nine months after losing to Rashad Evans and dropping his title, and Anderson made him look like a clueless child.

It's truly one of the greatest beatdowns in history.

Now here's Forrest, recalling exactly what happened on that fateful night (spoiler: he got destroyed)

At least Forrest has a good sense of humor about his misfortune. But then, how could you even be upset when you're so thoroughly destroyed that you'll forever be the most impressive part of one of the greatest highlight reels in history?


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