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Justin Golightly

Ronda Rousey has decided to avoid all media leading up to UFC 207, and it's somehow become a bigger story than if she actually did the rounds. Recently, someone started a rumor that seemed too ridiculous to be true, but people bit anyway: Rousey was only showing up to early morning weigh-ins and didn't want to be on camera. ...What?

With Rousey acting like she is auditioning for the part of the Invisible Woman for the new Fantastic Four movie, it wasn't a far conclusion to jump to — people were worried we'd see a cardboard cut-out.

Those rumors were quick to be struck down. Luckily, Rousey's supreme power does not reach as far as the athletic commission and cannot completely stop UFC's promotional cogs from turning. will be at both weigh-ins and will probably have one hell of a staredown with at the ceremonial event.

Although, it'd be pretty interesting to have hidden cameras set up and make a Rousey found footage MMA Event, the whole thing starting on Thursday will be televised according to schedule.

Will we be able to get an armbar on video?


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