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Justin Golightly

Did you ever wonder what your favorite fighters would be doing if they weren't in the UFC? In some other alternate timeline, Dominick Cruz is a firefighter, Ronda Rousey exists in a magical land slaying orcs and Cody Garbrandt became a pro boxer.

All of these things could have really happened, maybe even Rousey killing mythical creatures. So ahead of UFC 207, we look at three facts for each of the aforementioned fighters and give you some backstory before the Friday violence. Remember, it is on Friday.

Cruz has racked up the most wins in combined UFC/WEC bantamweight history by being hard-to-hit, maybe this same elusiveness would translate well to putting out fires while avoiding being burned.

During this media blackout, Rousey may have used her exile to play World of Warcraft. What if one of the most dominant women's fighters on the planet stepped away from MMA to become a live action role-player? Lightning bolt! Intimidating stare! Arm destruction!

It's our experiences that make us who we are. keeps saying he can knock out, now is the time to put his boxing record to the test and it's Cruz's mission to avoid those flames. As for , she'll will need to use her World of Warcraft tactics to win against .

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