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Jason Nawara

Plan accordingly, get sustenance and too much caffeine — this is an MMA fan's dream scenario. For nearly 24 straight hours, we'll be enjoying three back-to-back shows of high-level MMA goodness. Stars aligning like this only happens once every 3-5 years, so embrace the grind. You may go a little crazy, but you'll be satisfied, and that's all that matters.

Thirty-five (35) friggin' fights await us from UFC 207, RIZIN and World Series of Fighting!

The timeline of the madness starts here:

It begins with the UFC 207 prelims at 7pm Eastern Time. We'll watch that card, fresh as daisies, completely aware that we'll be haggard monsters by the time we're through.

should end around 12am Eastern Time with the post-fight press conference bringing us to around 1-1:30am. Perfectly blending into RIZIN.

This works out well, as the extraordinarily long intros of Japanese MMA shows are sometimes difficult to focus on. Now, you'll be able to watch (maybe) talk after her fight with wraps up while Cup Noodle man dances around the Saitama Super Arena. It's the all-too-rare MMA win-win scenario, playing out before our tired eyes.

With the long-ass intermission and 13 fights, RIZIN will likely be a 7-8 hour show. That means it'll end around 9am Eastern Time.

Now this is your intermission. Your time to sleep, restock on energy drinks, or maybe even eat a meal high in protein.

Rest. This you.

WSOF's New Year's extravaganza of exhaustion (my title not theirs) begins at 12 Eastern Time (hence why I wrote it in big letters up above). There will be four title fights, including one between Jake Shields and Jon Fitch. It's a good time and shouldn't be missed. So try your best to stumble to the finish line, when it all wraps up around 4pm Eastern Time — nearly 24 hours after this crazy time began.

We know it'll be tough, but you can do it. Go to sleep. When you wake up, it'll be 2017.


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