ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

It's been over a year since Holly Holm shocked the MMA world with her second-round knockout of Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, and now we're eagerly anticipating Ronda's return to the Octagon. In just over a month, will be standing opposite Amanda Nunes, the third woman to wrap the UFC bantamweight belt around her waist since the Rowdy One fell on that strange, November night.

What will we see at UFC 207 on December 30th? Will the dominant Rousey be back, or have the ladies in the division caught up to her talent-wise? Since Ronda's hiatus, we've now seen Miesha Tate retire less than six months after beating Holly Holm. Holm has lost her last two fights..

The whole division seems up for grabs, and here she comes.

Despite the clunky phrasing by the , the question of "What now?" is absolutely appropriate, but they're asking the question too early. We know what comes now — Amanda Nunes, an absolute killer, defending her belt against the greatest female bantamweight in history.

It's on December 30th, when the fight is done and someone's hand is raised, that we'll have to ask, "What now?" If Ronda loses, maybe it's a career? If she wins, how long will she stick around for?


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