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Justin Golightly

She's been in hiding. Held under lock and key. Probably guarded by Tim Kennedy and a squadron of snipers. Fact of the matter is: no one can get to Ronda Rousey unless she absolutely wants them to. After the media "betrayed her," this is how she punishes them.

Even the UFC production team have been forced to use old clips in their Countdown show. At this point, they may bring a stunt double to UFC 207 just to throw people off. Last night though, Rousey made her first appearance in public. Well, by public I mean in a private room all by herself to sign autographs.

She never looked up so she may not even know someone is filming her. This cavalier cameraman may have pulled a Cape Fear and secretly latched on to the underside of Rousey's vehicle. I imagine he rolled out from the car and stepped on a bunch of rakes Edmond Tarverdyan put there as a trap like when The Simpson's did their own Cape Fear episode.

Either way, media embargo or not, Rousey's bout at with is looming close. She can't stay out of the all-critiquing eye of the public much longer, and we're all wondering which Rousey may show up.

We're hoping it's vintage armbar Ronda Rousey.


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