ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Flawless victory. We knew Amanda Nunes had good hands, but no one could've ever expected Nunes to dominate Ronda worse than Holly Holm. How could it've gone worse than Holly Holm? Somehow, it did. In just 48 seconds, Nunes lit up Ronda on the feet until Herb Dean stepped in to put Ronda out of her misery. It was beautiful work by Nunes. No one can deny her now.

From the opening bell Ronda simply couldn't hang with Nunes. It looked like she actually wanted to trade shots, but the first one rung her so hard, she was lost, hoping to clinch. Every time Ronda got in close, Nunes struck first, and struck hard.

Maybe halfway through the match (short as it was), Ronda was out almost out on her feet, taking shots and stumbling across the Octagon in an effort to survive, but Nunes wouldn't let her. The Lioness fed tonight. She fed well.


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