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While Ronda Rousey has opted out of any and all media appearances in the lead-up to her comeback fight at UFC 207 this weekend, women's bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes has been doing her damndest to step things up in the trash-talking department.

Having already been blocked by her upcoming challenger on Instagram after calling her "dramatic" and threatening to "make a statement" with her this weekend, the Brazilian power-puncher is now attacking Ronda where she's weakest: her soul-crushing loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193.

Knowing full well that the loss still weighs heavily on Rousey's conscience, Nunes criticized the former champion's performance that night when speaking with reporters yesterday, calling it a glimpse of "the real Ronda."

And it appears that Rousey isn't the only one who would rather forget that cold night in November. In their almost exclusively Ronda-centric promos for UFC 207, the UFC has conveniently left out any and all footage of Rousey's rather dismal performance against Holm, opting instead to focus on her dominance in the Octagon in the years prior. Nunes has understandably criticized the UFC for "making things easier" for Rousey in the lead-up to their fight, but was also quick to admit that she was actually enjoying the lack of media appearances she was being required to make in the wake of Rousey's media blackout.

That being said, Nunes also recognizes that, were *she* the one requesting to skip the media appearances, the UFC probably wouldn't be so understanding.

"I think they'd make me, for sure," Nunes joked. "But OK, they love Ronda Rousey, what are you going to do? Kick her ass. I will do it."


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