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First thing after the holidays, new author Dan Hardy appears as a belated holiday gift. That's right, Hardy is coming out with a book.

Now, after side-stepping a fight with Mickey Gall in lieu of a potential grappling match in the future, 'part-reptile' Hardy is back to dissect the main event of the very last card of this year.

A million questions surround Ronda Rousey ending her silent solitude to fight new champion Amanda Nunes, Hardy tries to answer all of the inquiries — specifically the ones in the Octagon.

Ronda Rousey

Once a blitzkrieg in the women's bantamweight division, Rousey would either run towards her opponent or let them run towards her, flip them on their pretty heads then rip their arms off. This happened over and over again until Holly Holm landed the head kick heard 'round the world. Was it the exponential pressure of the moment, Holm's elite striking, or a mental failure on Rousey's part? Perhaps, it was all three.

Striking from a Judo stance, Rousey's stand-up is the opposite of her throwing prowess: All power and no finesse. Holm was able to frustrate Rousey with takedown defense which led to a Rousey we've never seen before. With the more refined hands of Nunes, if she can prevent the clinch then it could end up in another shocking upset. But if the old Rousey comes back, she has the tools to beat any woman in her division.

Amanda Nunes

She's beaten top grapplers, top strikers, former champion and Rousey-rival, Miesha Tate. Not only that, but she was able to do it almost under the radar without the immense pressure that Rousey had to endure. Once is finally in the presence of the one and only , will the pressure of the moment overhelm her?

According to Hardy, there is still a lot less pressure on the champion than there is Rousey. It's a tough fight to come back to, the huge comeback against a very game fighter who has the skills to pull it off. And if Nunes puts on the same performance against at , she could very well do that.

A look at Nunes' boxing techniques.


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