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Nate Diaz is a black-belt Gracie Jiu-Jitsu soldier. Out of his 19 career wins, 12 of them have been by submission and some of those he was flipping the bird at he exact same time. Point is, Diaz is a wizard in the ground game.

Ahead of Ronda Rousey's return, Diaz reminisced about her trip to the 209 where he and his brother got to train with Rousey and experience what she was bringing to the mat first hand... And how he had to go all Stockton Hulk to stay safe.

"I trained with Ronda Rousey and I've trained with a lot of other girls," Diaz said on The Pony Hour with Tony Hinchcliffe. "Ronda Rousey's like, the most athletic and technical. She's crazy."

"If I'm messin' around or playin' around like, 'oh I'm just training with a girl', you're going to get tapped out," Diaz said. "That hasn't happened [to me] but I've seen her tapping out people and I'm like aw, that ain't happening to me."

made it a point to stress that he didn't tap to a girl like no buster, but that he came real close. No matter what your opinion on , Olympic-level Judo combined with years of MMA training is no joke. Getting on the mats with the Diaz brothers and holding your own is nuts. ...Nine wins by armbar is ridiculous.

Ronda Rousey rolling with Nick Diaz.
Ronda Rousey rolling with Nick Diaz.

"There's no girls like that. I've trained with other girls that are real good. Real, real, real good at Jiu-Jitsu and moving and stuff, but none that I've trained with that are real good, and technical and that much of a beast too."

After all this talk of Rousey's ground game, this fight with at may see her revisit the bread and butter. With Nunes' hands, Rousey's key to victory could be that same Judo to finish off her year as the champion and 10 arms as trophies to ring in the new year.

Flashback to Rousey teaching Judo to Nate Diaz


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