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What a week it's been for .

After being dominated on the mic by bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz all week, "No Love" let his fists do the talking once the cage door was closed. In an eye-opening performance for the ages, Garbrandt dropped, mocked, and pop-n-locked "The Dominator" for five straight rounds, walking away with a one-sided unanimous decision victory and a bantamweight title belt around his -- or rather, his number one fan's -- waist.

Following the win, Garbrandt once again credited that superfan -- otherwise known as Maddux Maple -- as his inspiration for pushing himself to attain the (at least perceived by many as) impossible.

I always pictured Dana White strapping the belt around me, and that's something I always held onto. We met five years ago and it was my dream to wrap the belt around him. He's the strongest kid I've ever known, he gave my life redirection, and I wouldn't be here without him.

He never gave up. He's a true champion, a true warrior, and this was his belt and his time.

You know what? I've just figured it out: the man known as "No Love" is really just a real life version of Kenneth, the badass with a heart of gold, from Family Guy.

And even though Dominick Cruz has already granted TJ Dillashaw his blessing for the next shot at Garbrandt, it seems that "No Love" is simply in a giving mood, and has already offered Cruz an immediate rematch. I fully expect him to announce that he's opening a nonprofit bakery with Cruz by this time next week.


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