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Elias Cepeda

With how much UFC 207 promotion has focused on the return of Ronda Rousey, you could be forgiven for not realizing she'll actually have to fight someone this Friday night in Las Vegas. That person is bantamweight world champion Amanda Nunes.

If you don't yet know , you've been missing out. In 2016 the Brazilian went from ferocious contender to queen of the division Ronda once ruled. Read on, below, for some info on the scariest woman at 135 pounds, then stick with Champions all week and weekend for complete UFC 207 coverage!

Amanda Nunes won her title by beating the most accomplished female bantamweight, ever

Miesha Tate may have been bested by twice, but “Takedown” has about twice as many MMA fights as The Rowdy One, and retired as the only two-time lineal women’s bantamweight world champion in history. She also took out a woman in Holly Holm who dominated Rousey at UFC 193. Then, along came Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 last July. Nunes battered Tate en route to a first-round submission win and signaled to the world that she's the one to beat.

Amanda Nunes is a scary finisher

Twelve of the Brazilian’s 13 career MMA wins have come from either KO or submission. When you fight the “Lioness” you don’t stand a good chance at making it the full distance. Nunes combines big punching with excellent ground control, nasty ground strikes from on top and able submission ability.

Amanda Nunes stays calm, until it’s time to explode

Nunes is heading into her second straight UFC main event Friday and it is also the second straight time that she’s been largely overlooked and underestimated by the MMA world. In July, Nunes was happy to fly under the radar and not make a spectacle of herself until she did it with her fighting in the cage. Fighting opposite the returning superstar Ronda Rousey this week, Nunes is now even more forgotten than before.

Nunes has insisted that she’s fine with the UFC stopping her from doing media events this week, and keeping her away from the spotlight as well as her challenger getting all the attention, pre-fight. Why? Well, because she’s confident she’ll earn all the glory after another win on a big stage.

Amanda Nunes asked to fight Ronda Rousey

Throughout her phenomenal career Rousey has rightly earned a feared reputation. She dumps people on their heads and snaps their arms in half, after all. Rousey seems more focused on violence than ever, now, as she attempts to make a successful come back.

Amanda Nunes looked at that mean picture and said, ‘her.’ The 29-year-old champion wants all the attention and cash Rousey brings and has said she’ll even grant a rematch after she beats Rousey at UFC 207, as planned. Nunes is apparently as confident as it gets, right now, and wants to steal Ronda’s shine.


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