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UFC president Dana White went old school today when he participated in a media scrum ahead of UFC 207. It's something he hasn't done in ages, and admitted he only did so because PR asked him to. The entire scrum lasted about 30 minutes, with media members firing out the important questions as quickly as possible.

Here's the most important tidbits we learned from the scrum (in no particular order)

Khabib and Tony

Cain's injury/Removal from UFC 207

  • Dana said Cain was trying to find a way out of the fight, used the ESPN interview to do that.

Fabricio Werdum

  • Werdum turned down two fights following Cain's removal.
  • JDS and Alistar Overeem were the fights he turned down.

Ronda Rousey

  • media blackout is a one time thing.
  • The media exemption will not extend to anyone else (even Conor).
  • Says that Ronda has plans to fight again after UFC 207.

Amanda Nunes

  • Says they put money into Ronda because she's the bigger name.
  • Says that if she wins on Friday, then she'll be the big name.

On Cyborg and the 145 division

  • Dana said he wanted either Holly or Germaine for .
  • Cyborg plans "blew up" on him.
  • Says Cyborg told Lorenzo she could get to 135 pounds.

Jose Aldo and the lightweight interim title

  • asked for the fight with Khabib.
  • Dana says he considered it, for an interim title.

Conor McGregor

  • Doesn't want to think about for the next 10 months (good luck).


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