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If nothing else, bantamweight title challenger certainly brings a unique set of skills into his grudge match with champion — chiefly, the ability to end anyone's night in devastating fashion with one well-placed punch.

It might seem unbelievable, but the fact is that "The Dominator" has never faced a fighter with the kind of one-shot knockout power that Garbrandt possesses in his 23 fight, 11-year career. Having ended four out of his five UFC bouts via TKO, including three straight victories within the first round, the 25-year-old Alpha Male product is already approaching the divisional record for finishes set by his former teammate, , and will look to be the first man since TAM leader to defeat Cruz this weekend.

And when it comes to No Love's arsenal of fight-ending punches, there are few more destructive than his power hook.

How does Garbrandt set up his power hook?

Luckily for us, we recruited former WEC/Bellator fighter and California Mixed Martial Arts coach to break things down for us.

According to George, the answer to Garbrandt's power in his hands begins in his legs. Garbrandt has a tendency to really dig his feet into the canvas when launching his hooks. As we saw in his most recent stoppage of , it's a technique that allows him to generate a lot of power when loading up on single punches or throwing multiple shots — and also one that may leave him two steps behind when facing a striker with the masterful footwork and head movement of Cruz.

As our own fight analyst, The Naked Gambler, discussed when looking back at Garbrandt's KO of fellow prospect back in May:

In the sequence which originally staggered Almeida, an orthodox fighter, Garbrandt, also a primarily orthodox fighter, stepped to the inside with his left foot, before launching a lead right straight. As he sensed Almeida leaning to the inside, away from Garbrandt’s power hand, “No Love” stepped to Almeida’s outside with his right foot, taking southpaw positioning, and launched a left hook which intercepted Almeida, and then a right-left hook combination which left the Brazilian wrecking machine badly staggered.

And how does one defeat a power puncher the likes of Garbrandt? Well, George thinks that it's by forcing "No Love" to fight with emotion by getting inside his head, something that Cruz has already done a masterful job of in the lead-up to this weekend's clash.

Be sure to check out all of our techniques series with George on our Youtube channel, and let us know in the comments section if you think Garbrandt's power will lead him to victory at this Friday.


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