ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

Amanda Nunes is stuck in limbo. She's the champion in a division that hasn't had a successful title defense since Ronda Rousey's reign, now she's facing down Ronda at UFC 207. The old adage of, "you aren't a champion until you defend the belt" hangs heavy, especially when you're about to fight the face of the division.

But, Nunes has been all smiles and swagger in the lead up to her first title defense. We all know that the pressure is on, however. In fact, the pressure is on for both ladies. Can Ronda return to form? If she does, and she destroys Nunes in a typical fashion, then what will history say of ' short time as champion?

It's a storyline that can't be denied as Amanda Nunes does 100% of the media promotion leading up to the fight. In a way, you have to wonder — are we just getting to know a woman who will be kicked from the limelight in a few days?

Not if Nunes has her way. She wants to make a statement with Rousey. But didn't they all? The above video does a great job of showing Nunes' skills, but will they match up to a Motivated Ronda? What's gonna happen!?


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