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Newly-crowned women's bantamweight champion may not have been known by many when she stepped in to face at , but her absolutely stellar performance that night certainly served as a shocking introduction to those who didn't.

Moving with the grace of a gazelle and the precision of a cobra jacked up on Mountain Dew, Nunes wasted next to no movement in picking apart Tate on the feet before effortlessly submitting her once the fight hit the mat. When all was said and done, the division had witnessed one of the most dominant victories since the reign of .

Now scheduled to take on none other than the "Rowdy" one herself at this weekend, "The Lioness" says she plans to make a statement against Rousey with a performance that sends the former face of the division packing for good.

Her best chances of pulling that off, according to experts like Dan Hardy, will be on her feet, and specifically with her crushing boxing combinations.

Proof that the simplest techniques can often be the most effective when done properly, Nunes has been blistering through her recent competition using the oldest combination of them all: the one-two.

Whether she's setting up a right cross or an uppercut with her jab (the latter of which would technically be a one-six), Nunes' has thrived in part thanks to her continuous movement in and out of the pocket while delivering the one-two. (She keeps things flowy, as might say.)

"She's known for her aggressive striking," says former WEC/Bellator fighter and California Mixed Martial Arts coach in our latest "techniques" breakdown, "but her style is much more of a traditional boxer."

As to how Rousey should overcome Nunes' simple-yet-deadly combinations? Well, she's got two options: either close the distance and use her Judo background to smother Nunes, or angle off Nunes' aggressive punches and hope to counterstrike. Based on the visual evidence, I'm guessing that the former would be the smarter option.

Be sure to check out all of our techniques series with George on our Youtube channel, and let us know in the comments section if you think Nune's boxing chops will be enough to put Rousey away at this Friday.


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