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Dan Hardy is used to standing in the middle of the Octagon and throwing leather himself, but at this point in his career he's made a living giving us unrivaled insight into what goes on when the cage door closes.

Max Holloway will seek to rise above the bar Conor McGregor set as Anthony Pettis wants his second UFC title and a chance to finally get that superfight with Jose Aldo. As style match-ups go, their fight at UFC 206 is a war that fans daydream of and write in their dream journals about.

From composition books to analyst notes, Hardy surgically breaks down the main event for this weekend like a doctor.

Max Holloway

He's technical, but also scrappy. He's a fighter that's hard to time and who flirts with ambidexterity. Even his 'stand and bang' moment with was an ingenious trap for him to use his superior head movement to boost the damage volume at the end of the last round.

was thrown into the deep end and told to swim as soon as he got into the UFC, but keep in mind the dude is Hawaiian. After being the only fighter up to that point to take to a decision, Holloway started his flame emoji streak directly after the loss. As the bodies piled up, so did the frustrations. With the McGregor title belt fallout, this fight takes Holloway to the shot he's made long undeniable that he deserves.

Anthony Pettis

He's incredibly flexible, boasts an array of video game kicks you normally have to beat the game to unlock, and he has a deceptively slick ground game. Not only is a highly intelligent striker, but he'll be almost exactly the same size as Holloway, who normally enjoys an advantage as one of the largest featherweights.

While this is only is second fight in the featherweight division, it was Pettis' dynamic run at lightweight that awarded him the coveted spot he finds himself at now. His story differs from Holloway, who is footsteps away from ascending his first thrown. Pettis comes into this fight knowing he was the once, pretty boy king of the lightweight division and will carry that confidence with him into the fight.

The main event at is going to be a feast of destruction to end off a wild UFC double-header with on Friday, but the whole main card looks to be filled with crazy, violent appetizers.

Watch out for the fight between and , including the UFC debut of Emil "Valhalla" Meek a.k.a. the guy that knocked out Rousimar Palhares. Oh yeah, and and will try to figure out how much of a f-ck they don't give!

The Main Card:

  • Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis
  • Donald Cerrone vs. Matt Brown
  • Cub Swanson vs. Doo Ho Choi
  • Tim Kennedy vs. Kevin Gastelum
  • Jordan Mein vs. Emil Meek


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