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Justin Golightly

So much for the UFC interim, interim title — or is it?

This morning, Anthony Pettis stepped on the scales at a hefty 148 pounds. That's three pounds over the contested championship weight of 145 pounds. In what could be the future manifesting itself in the present, Max Holloway did however make that championship weight. So what does that mean for the main event?

Hold on a second, what? Ok, so forfeits part of his purse and the ability to win an interim title in the event that he is victorious. on the other hand, will be awarded an interim featherweight if he beats Pettis. No matter who wins though, fights for his "undisputed" featherweight title. Wow. It's almost like the title doesn't mean anything at all.

This whole "champ champ" and "interim interim" thing is completely new, and missing weight for a championship bout hasn't happened in almost ten years. Last time it happened was Travis Lutter who missed weight in his fight with Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title.

Here is video of the early weigh-ins.


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