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It's been the story of the day: One guy missing weight and the fallout of a situation that was already out of the ordinary. The last time this happened was ten years ago, after all.

So the news broke, the main event changed, Dana White spoke out, and now Anthony Pettis finally breaks his silence on not being able to get down to championship weight.

“It was a team call. My body just wouldn’t let go of that extra weight. It’s just one of those things," Pettis said in a MMAFighting exclusive. "We did everything right beforehand, everything was on point. My body just gave out. I had nothing left to give.”

“In the end, we decided that my career and health are more important than those two extra pounds. It was definitely a different feeling,” Pettis said. “I’ve never felt like that in my life.”

The internet is already weighing in on Pettis' weight problems and his nutritionist. In the Embedded episode posted on Monday, Pettis can be seen devouring a steak drowned in a fried egg since he was advised, "our weight's really good." This may have been at the beginning of the week, but a lot of people are using this instance to imply a mindset that may have contributed to him missing weight. Not only that, but when Pettis' body 'gave out' at 146.5lbs, every tiny little bit helps.

Regardless of any problems associated with weight, remains focused on a very game for . Title or not, a shot against or not, Pettis just wants to stop Holloway's incredible streak.

I’m not here for the interim belt,” Pettis said. “Originally, this fight wasn’t for the belt. The plan has always been to just beat Max Holloway and he’s not beating me tomorrow night."

Here is the face off earlier this evening.


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