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The return of Georges St-Pierre has been talked about and awaited for a long time now.

Contract disputes and money coming in from many different movie roles has stalled the former UFC Weltweight king, but it looks like GSP is closer than ever to returning. Just last month, St-Pierre entered the USADA testing pool and it looks like he has finished his first testing. The four-month testing cycle coincidentally ends in December, which coincides with UFC 206 in Canada and there are plenty of guys who'd jump at the chance to fight the legend.

If St-Pierre makes his return, here are five different opponents that he could fight at UFC 206.

Nick Diaz

After a domino-effect run of wild changes originally caused by Nick Diaz's absence from press conferences, Diaz finally got to fight Georges St-Pierre after calling him out for years.

It led to one of the greatest media calls of all time, but a somewhat lackluster fight. St-Pierre took the victory, but from steroid accusations to being drugged, Diaz says something wasn't quite right with the fight. Even St-Pierre's coach oddly claims he was sick from tainted watermelon juice.

With both men seeming like they are going to return to the sport, a Diaz fight would certainly be a possibility.

Stephen Thompson

On of the top options for Pierre has to be the Welterweight title which he never really lost.

This could easily be Tyron Woodley or Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson depending on who walks away from UFC 205 with the belt, but Thompson might be the more exciting style clash. Wonderboy has trained at Tristar with GSP before, but didn't shy away from kicking his friend Rory MacDonald in the face, so there shouldn't be a problem with that.

Of course, UFC 206 in December is a quick turnaround from UFC 205 so this may rule out a Welterweight title fight for St-Pierre's first fight right there.

Michael Bisping

It's no secret that Michael Bisping isn't shy about running his mouth about potential opponents, or anyone, for that matter.

He's said that St-Pierre's camp has reached out for a fight, that he wants the fight and that GSP is a 'little b-tch' for 'running way' from MMA because of performance enhancing drugs. St-Pierre has said he'd be interested in the Middleweight title as well, but even if Bisping loses the belt to Dan Henderson at UFC 204, then Bisping would be a great match-up.

If GSP wins, he becomes an immediate contender at Middleweight; if Bisping wins, he has beaten another one of the greatest of all time candidates.

Anderson Silva

Speaking of "greatest of all time" candidates, the universe has begged for a superfight between these two throughout both Anderson Silva and St-Pierre's careers.

The UFC was never able to put it together, for whatever reason, maybe even as punishment for Silva's performance at UFC 112. Well, things have changed drastically since 2010. We are now in the age of superfights and fights that are going to make stacks and stacks of cash and GSP translates to that.

Time is running out for this fight to be made, and a card with St-Pierre fighting Silva would potentially break records that Conor McGregor has set.

Conor McGregor

The idea of a fight between McGregor and St-Pierre is absolutely bonkers. Even after McGregor has ascended to new heights, this fight is still almost inconceivable.

However, McGregor got two fights with Nate Diaz at Moneyweight, and the main event of UFC 205 is going to be McGregor fighting Eddie Alvarez for the opportunity to get two belts. Both are fights not in his weight class of Featherweight. If McGregor actually manages to win this fight at UFC 205, there will be no stopping him.

He can promise to defend his titles (even if he won't) and fight GSP a month later at UFC 206 to shatter every conceivable record in the game. McGregor would do it just for that.


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