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Jason Nawara

hasn't fought since he lost his belt to Luke Rockhold nearly a year ago at UFC 194. If he had won this fight, in his home state, and inside Madison Square Garden, Chris Weidman was "guaranteed" another shot at the belt. Standing in his way was , arguably the scariest guy in the division.

It only took a single leap from Romero, and Weidman's hopes and dreams were dashed with a violent, .

Most of this replay won't show the gushing blood from Chris Weidman's head. Romero caught him, and caught him hard. You can see Weidman reaching out and touching his head were the knee opened him up before Romero follows-up with strikes.

That was a painful homecoming for multiple reasons.

Now, Romero is looking at . The champ has said that he won't fight Romero due to his failed drug test in 2015. The fact that Romero has 11 knockout wins, and has basically cleared out the division, changes that.

Romero isn't a money fight, however, and that's what Bisping wants. Romero is a very, very, very dangerous fight. He can end it from anywhere, and probably will.

This was an incredible performance. Can anyone stop the Cuban Olympian?


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