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Justin Golightly

The new UFC welterweight champion had some harsh words for Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson ahead of .

"Stephen Thompson will be knocked out stiff at UFC 205. I will have the most memorable performance on the card,” Woodley said via Bloody Elbow.

If his rocket-powered destruction of Robbie Lawler at is of any evidence, this could be an open and shut case for Woodley. That is, unless Thompson can do that wizard Karate thing he does where he controls the distance like a young Lyoto Machida that watches . Not even kidding.

“I do not really have a plan. I do not have something where I am going out there to outwrestle him or out-strike him,” Woodley said. “I just have drills and techniques that will help put myself in a position where anything that comes I will have an answer for. I will just be going out there to do my thing and if he asks me a question I will give him an answer.”

Of course, Woodley did enlist the help of bombastic, hyper flippin' Sage Northcutt in order to emulate Thompson. Although, it seems he needs to catch up on the new Dragonball Super series. Oh—Wait...

See how it all pans out on Saturday at . Hey, at least you don't have to wait six episodes.


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