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vs. ended in a majority draw at on Saturday night, live from Madison Square Garden, New York, in one of the wildest five rounds I have ever seen.

Woodley will retain the belt, as the champion always retains the belt in the event of a draw, majority or otherwise. Confusion about the results of the fight forced UFC announcer Bruce Buffer to have to read the results twice to clarify.

The scores were (47-47, 47-47, 48-47).

In round one, the champion took Thompson easily to the ground where he commenced with a dominant display of ground-and-pound that saw Thompson bloodied and broken. Woodley wasn't able to finish the kickboxer and they continued on to round two.

Thompson, knowing Woodley's game plan now, was able to avoid the takedown, but not the clinch. Thompson wanted to keep his distance in order to land his signature kicks, but Woodley was great about closing him off and keeping control of the round.

In the third Woodley came out strong trying a combo that might drop Thompson, but couldn't. Despite the success in round one, Woodley didn't try for more takedowns, allowing Thompson to fight on his feet. This allowed Thompson to throw more kicks and land more shots.

The fourth round was a mirror image of the last until Woodley dropped Thompson just two minutes in. Despite the barrage of punches and his lack of defense, the referee Dan Miragliotta did not stop the fight, and Woodley put Thompson into a choke. Thompson, somehow, got his head free and ended in Woodley's guard. Now a tired Woodley is in danger with Thompson throwing hammer fists to end the round.

The fifth and final round saw Thompson bouncing back from the near finish to steal the final round from Woodley, but neither could get the finish and it went to the judges.

It's likely the pair will be scheduled for a rematch in coming months.


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