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On Saturday night, proved himself as a true champion and a Karate became a "Wonderman".

Despite what is aptly being referred to as UFC's "Steve Harvey" moment, Woodley is looking at the bright side of he and Thompson's incredible fight at at .

"Fight of the night at the best card in history of the sport, the biggest show in history of sport, Madison Square Garden. Not many people will ever be able to say that and it was the the first of its kind," Woodley said on the MMA Hour.

One of the key moments of the welterweight title fight was the choke that seemed to last forever. It was almost a microcosm of the entire fight itself, with Thompson's resilience at war with Woodley's unending pressure.

"I got to preface everything I say because everyone wants to take it out of context: [Thompson] does not have a large head," Woodley said. "He was dry heaving, he was panicking. At moments, I thought he was going to tap or pass out. So, I said, you know what? Tyron, just keep squeezing the sh-t out of him. Do not care. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Then when that little nugget popped out at the top, I was like — Oh. My, God."

Perhaps the craziest thing though, is that Woodley and Thompson were talking to each other the entire time. No. Not giving the ol' single finger Diaz salute or begging for a their opponent to rush forward like Conor McGregor, but talking techniques mid-fight.

"I was calling his kicks out to him. I said, I know what you're about to do. You're about to throw that wheel kick aren't you?" Woodley said. "[Thompson] said, 'no, I was about to throw a one-two-high kick'. I said, you throw that kick I'm punching you. We were having a whole conversation. I said, you're about to blitz, remember last time you blitzed I knocked your ass down with that right hand? You come in again, I'm blasting you with this right hand."

It was playful, but it was also two fighters in the prime of their careers enjoying a challenge from each other.

"It was enough fun in there to allow us to be martial artists, but there was [also] enough respect," Woodley said. "I respected him already."

Watch the Woodley on the MMA Hour below.


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